Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Re: it's a pity

alexisgreat wrote:

that Olympus point and shoots have fallen so far, what they produce now is crippled nonsense, what happened to the legacy of the greatest compact of all time, the C-8080? and the C-7070 (which I still have) was also way ahead of its time, with features most DSLR dont even have. Why doesn't Olympus produce more cameras like these and maybe it's sales margin would be better?

You want bright zoom of reasonable range, bigger than average P&S sensor and viewfinder?

They have just released Stylus 1, with 11x constant f/2.8 zoom (instead of f/2.4-f/3.5 5x in C-8080), 1/1.7" BSI-CMOS sensor and viewfinder from E-M5, at about half the weight of C-8080.

Sounds like they have made what you have been asking them to make.

And honestly, XZ-1 and XZ-2 with added viewfinder were not that far either.

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