The Sony EVF advantage that everyone seems to overlook

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Re: The Sony EVF advantage that everyone seems to overlook

OpticsEngineer wrote:

Frequently I read on other forums how OVF is so wonderful. Then there is discussion about how bad the image looks on an EVF.

Rarely does anyone on the pro-EVF side of those discussions bring up the great thing about Sony SLT/EVF technology.

I have been shooting with an a55 since it came out and I am madly in love with SLT/EVF technology. I shoot a lot of BIF and the combination can't be beat. I tried arguing about how great it was but I kept getting shouted down by "experts" who had never even used one so I gave up. They would say things like "I could never get any photos to come out with that horrible lag you get with an EVF". I don't have any problem with the lag.

I own two cameras, one is an EVF and the other is an OVF. When I go out to shoot birds I always grab the EVF.

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