Pentax K-3 [new APS-C] bests Nikon D600

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matander wrote:

Lance B wrote:

matander wrote:

Oh dear. So, tell me. In 2012, the Pentax K5II was released as was the Nikon D800E. Yet, the same production cycle year, the D800E outguns the Pentax K5II. In fact, the Pentax was announced a full 6 months later then the D800E and yet it still lags the D800E on every measurement:|0/%28brand%29/Pentax/%28appareil2%29/814|0/%28brand2%29/Nikon

Oh dear, from where does that patronizing attitude come. Do you realize that you are comparing a $3000 camera with a $1000 camera. The $1000 camera sensor was at least 2-3 years old

I really dont understand the point you wanted to make, did you think that K5 II had a sensor of latest tech? Had i somewhere indicated that K5 II had a better sensor than D800? let me know.

You are the one saying that APS C was better or at least as good as FF. I show this is not true and you don't like the truth.

I said that in my opinion the D600 had a slight edge on K-3 based on the testshots. Any problems with that? You shouldnt talk about truth as if you own it..

Truth is truth, it is not owned by anyone.

What your post says is that a FF camera with a new sensor achieves 1 step better performance than a 2-3 year old APS-C sensor, which is to be expected due to sensor size.

No, the D800/E was released in February 2012, the K5II was released in November 2012. Seems to me that it is current technology and later than the D800. The point is, we need to draw a line somewhere for comparison and the latest tested cameras are the D800E and the Pentax K5II.

Put on your glasses, i wrote that K5II had a 2-3 year old sensor. Same sensor as used in K5 and D700 released in 2010. I have all along in this discussion talked about sensor technology, And you pull up an example with 2 new cameras where one have a new sensor and one have an old.

Where are you going to draw the line? A new APS C sensor or a new FF sensor? We have to take a time line somewhere and the K-5II was the latest tested and most sophistiacted APS C Pentax camera released November 2012 and the D800E is the most sophistiacted FF Nikon camera released February 2012. You cannot claim 2-3 year old sensor. As a matter of fact, the Nikon D800E is 18months old, so basically close to your claim for the K-5. Anyway, it was you that claimed "all the research went into APS C over FF" so, you can't have it both ways.

It does not indicate any first time implementation of new technology in the D800 FF sensor, and i dont count scaling it up in size as new (modified pixel structure, different routing, noise cancellation circuitry etc) technology.

You are clutching at straws like you have all the way through this thread.

You had to write that last miscreditng line didnt you... Just shows that you are not only out of common sense but also of real arguments.

LOL. Nice try, but big fail. You keep trying to alter the laws of physics.


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