Upgrading from a Lumix TZ10 Zoom Compact.

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Upgrading from a Lumix TZ10 Zoom Compact.

Hi there,

So I have been undertaking a heap of research over the past few weeks in order to upgrade from my TZ10. So I bought this camera probably influenced by the marketing of megapixels, zoom and positive reviews from digitalcamerainfo.com. Whilst the camera did suit my needs in terms of capturing acceptable zoomed low-light shots at music gigs - it's not pulling its weight for my current needs/wants:

  • Recording quality music YouTube videos in varying lighting conditions - mostly low. (I use a firewire interface to record vocals and guitar so microphone isn't an issue).
  • Travel camera that is compact enough (and possibly weatherproof) to take from bars to the beach.
  • Low-light shots of city-scenery and indoor events.
  • Some decent DOF capability for beginner of artistic photography

So I've narrowed it down to six models within my budget.

I can get the Canon S110 for about AUD$215 and was thinking of accompanying it with a Sony NEX-6 or Canon 100D.

I do  like what I've seen of the Pentax MX-1 and Sony RX100 (however purchasing these would most likely force an ILC out of my budget). The very compact Panasonic GM1 is also of interest.

So just any advice/experiences would be appreciated. I'm not in a massive rush so if there's news on upcoming models I will probably be more than happy to wait and see what comes.

Many thanks.

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