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Re: Roughly 3 types of hobbyist here, I think

Henry Richardson wrote:

CharlesB58 wrote:

What intrigues me is the degree to which some people seem to derive a sense of worth from whether their preferred type of camera is surging or sagging in sales.

I think that there are roughly 3 types of hobbyist (with overlap, of course) on dpreview:

1. Photography is the primary interest.

2. Gear is the primary interest.

3. The big camera corporations as sports teams is the primary interest. The business and sales stats are pored over and there is enthusiasm looking at and discussing which ones are winning, losing, coming from behind, etc.

I imagine that almost all of us have some interest in all 3 with different proportions depending on the person. I guess for me it breaks down something like this:

1. 80%

2. 18%

3. 2%

Interesting. A major photo company beginning with C once did a survey in Europe to try and determine what was the primary interest amongst their 'enthusiast' customers. I won't bore you with their definition of 'enthusiast' but it did not include their professional users at one end of the market, or compact camera users at the other.

In this survey the proportions were:

1. 45% primarily interested in photography.

2. 55% primarily interested in equipment.  (We suspect this figure could have been much higher as many users may not not like to admit their real motivation)

3. Not measured

Anyway it confirmed our suspicions that a large proportion of SLR users just like to own equipment and what the actual purpose the equipment was for was very much secondary.

That's fine - it helps keeps the manufacturers developing stuff that benefit those that actually do use the equipment to take photographs with.

When a bunch of new camera gear is announced then it temporarily changes to something like this, I guess:

1. 70%

2. 27%

3. 3%

Henry Richardson

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