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Re: Delta between mirrorless and SLRs has moved only fractionally

Abrak wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

Nikon are responding with the DF, and it seems likely that all manufacturers will shift to EVFs and higher end equipment as soon as they can in order to reduce production costs and increase margin.

The numbers for Asia dont really surprise. A major stumbling block for the penetration of mirrorless is the existing stock of some 250m legacy lenses. There is a high barrier to entry for anyone to switch from his DSLR to a mirrorless - maybe they might buy a mirrorless as a supplementary system.

Everything will go 'mirrorless' within a few years, but there is no great need to change mounts unless you are also going to be able to shrink lens size.

This is what I don't get about the Sony A7 / A7r release -- so the body is slightly smaller... and...?

The SLT technology seemed more interesting, IMO.  (I was considering buying one, as they are relatively cheap and capable.)

In markets where there is a lower penetration of ILC camera users to begin with, you might expect mirrorless to fair pretty well and do worse in markets which are more mature - which is roughly what you see.

Yes.  No 'legacy' has advantages.

Conversely, Canikon are in fact doing rather well due to lens sales. The 18% rise in FF lens sales in the first 9 months, pretty much makes up for the decline in DSLR sales, especially if as one suspects, lens margins are higher than ILC margins (gateway drug effect).

That's a good point.  They have been improving key lenses, too -- obviously to drive sales as well as to keep up with the demands of higher pixel count sensors.

I have always maintained that bodies are unlikely to be profitable, and are intended to drive lens sales.  Olympus' use of function buttons on the lens is interesting -- if you need a particular capability in future you may need to buy the lens that makes it usable.

(The 12-40 focus ring MF action caught me out.  I had simply forgotten that it had that function and spent twenty minutes digging through menus trying to figure out how I had somehow locked it to MF.  I finally noticed the distance scale that had mysteriously appeared on the lens... )

The stat I find most remarkable is that the lens market alone is now bigger than the whole of the point and shoot market.

That doesn't surprise me at all.  When you can buy 'brand name' P&S cameras that are quite reasonably specified for well under US$100 then there is clearly not a lot of margin there.

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