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Re: mft users purchasing lenses....

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Mft users that I have met out in the real world do own and use lots of different lenses which is less the case of DSLR owners this is also bore out on Flickr and in Mft online communities...

I just dont get this. How comes someones own individual experience equates to what is happening in the 'real world'. 'E-M1s are selling faster than any other camera. I just went down to my local store and they had pre-ordered 20 and they are all sold out' etc. Now YDDY experience - is YDDY's world - and is probably limited to meeting around 6,000 people which is approximately one millionth of the global population. CIPA records shipments from 98% of all cameras manufactured worldwide.

As for Flickr. Well Flickr shows that there have been more pictures uploaded from the Canon 5D Mk2 as from all mirrorless cameras put together. Does this mean the Canon 5D Mk2 has sold more cameras than all mirrorless? Presumably it isnt an unreasonable assumption that those people who 1) own a mirrorless camera and 2) own a selection of lenses are more likely to upload to Flickr than those who simply own a mirrorless and a kit lens.

Actually the figure for outstanding legacy lenses is essentially a matter of scale. Most of the stats I have seen imply that the ratio of lens sales per camera is roughly the same at 1.5:1 across both mirrorless and DSLRs. But as there have been approximately 10m mirroless ILCs sold to date and around 200m DSLRs, the pool of legacy DSLR lenses is far higher.

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