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What if of those 4 million shipped in 2012 1 million were Nikon 1's and Canon EOS M's? Which is entirely possible/probable...

Also you need to take intoaccount the increase in the average selling price of mirrorless and the decreasing average selling price of DSLRs.

The USA is 16% of the world camera market and continuing to decline...

Really there is very little reliable data as to market shares of individual companies. The only consistent data we get is from Japan where we know mirrorless market share numbers for 2012 were.

Olympus 29.8%

Panasonic 23.6%

Sony 20.1%

Nikon 14.3%

Pentax 9.4%

We also can extrapolate Olympus's global market share from their reported numbers - c.27%. Those numbers leave less than 5% for Canon, Samsung and Fuji. Of course it is difficult to say how much you can take the Japanese figures and apply them globally. Pentax did incredibly well with the Q last year but I think its success was limited to Japan (and I doubt it has done well this year.) Samsung does well in Korea (surprise) where it is second to Sony.

So Nikon and Canon could together have accounted for 20% of the market last year - 800,000 units. We can be pretty sure that Nikon's number is down very sharply rather like we can be pretty sure that Fuji has risen a lot. Still Canon hasnt done badly in unit sales (just price). The EOS-M was the 3rd best selling mirrorless in Japan last month after the Nex 5r and Nex 3n. Even Nikon had one camera in the top 50 which is the same as Panasonic whose highest placed camera is 26th.

By my reckoning, it is pretty close between Sony and Olympus who is the market leader in Japan and Panasonic is 3rd. Those 3 combined should take 75% of the market much like last year and I would guess the other 5 manufacturers will share 25% similar to last year.

Flickr  data suggests Olympus, Panasonic and Sony have 90% market share by mirrorless image uploads with Nikon on 4% and the Fuji on 3%

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