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Re: Delta between mirrorless and SLRs has moved only fractionally

boggis the cat wrote:

Abrak wrote:

Mirrorless shipments in September showed a very sharp jump to 355k units. This is up 43% on the previous month and 31% on September 2012. It is the highest figure so far this year and compares to an average of 226k units over the previous 8 months.

Presumably this at least partially relfects new camera launches including the E-M1. It is also probably reasonable to suppose that retailers have destocked and are now restocking for Christmas. Shipments were up across all geographic areas.

DSLRs, on the other hand are continuing in the same trends we have seen over the course of the year with shipments down 13% over the September last year. For the first 9 months mirrorless is down 6% in value terms while DSLRs are down 13% (both are down more in terms of units.)

Even compacts arent doing quite so badly - shipping 4.2m units compared to an average of 3.8m in the first 8 months. That is down 28% yoy in September compared to 44% for the first nine months.

Yes well, one swallow doesnt make a spring. However mirrorless production numbers (usually a reasonable precursor to next months shipments) were 369k up 43% on September 2012.

The better metric is the "Jan.-Sep." comparison relative to last year. 'SLR' production is at 78.5% of last year whereas 'other' (includes "mirrorless") is at 77.8%. That doesn't seem very good.

You are looking at some wrong place.

Jan-Sep - worldwide revenue from DSLRs 82.4% of the same period previous year.

Non-reflex (meaning mirrorless) - 94.5%.

For medium-to-long term future sales, Asia market (the only long-term growth market among the specifically listed there, and already the biggest) excluding Japan is the most interesting:

DSLRs - 77.2%.

Mirrorless - 101.9%.

Quite a difference.

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