Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax, some honest unbiased thoughts on the matter desired..

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Re: Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax

If you're sticking with APS, I'd suggest sticking with Pentax.  It seems like Nikon (and possibly Canon) really wants to move enthusiasts to full-frame and they're letting APS/DX whither on the vine.  The existence of the K-3 should tell you that Pentax is way more commited to the format than Nikon, who haven't replaced the D300, and it's doubtful they will.  They also don't have a very good selection of affordable APS primes, where Pentax certainly does.

When looking to upgrade from my Nikon D90, I naturally looked at Nikon and didn't like what I saw (in the D7100), so I went with a K-5 II and I'll be selling all my Nikon gear.  They've lost me as a DSLR customer, because me going full-frame seems like it's a much better deal for them than it is for me.

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