Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Re: Mirrorless shipments surge....

This never ceases to make me laugh.  Because what is not said, but what is really motivating this thread is "hey man, can't you see how much better mirrorless is than stupid dslr's - look at the sales numbers".  How fragile are your egos?  If you like your camera, just shoot with it.  You don't need to forum prove that your mirrorless is better than someone else s dslr, especially not with something as tangential as sales numbers.  Trust me dslr guys are not worried about mirrorless.  If they like a mirrorless body and system they get it but know that dslrs still do certain things better.  Everyone knows that technology and innovation will eventually make all bodies mirrorless, this is obvious.  But until there is enough processing power in these cameras to make the focusing systems faster than a mirror/phase detect system, then dslrs will continue to be the bodies of choice for certain things.

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