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Re: Spreadsheet of units sold by region.

micronean wrote:

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That is pretty interesting. Japan has really gone wild for MILC.

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A number of camera shops are sold out of EM-1s (I know, because I asked and left empty handed). only the 12-50 kit remains in stock. the 12-40 is gone, and the body-only is gone. These are the smaller places, mind you, the equivalent of a large US city's camera shop.

It seems a myth on this forum (based presumably on its buying habits) that mirrorless (or M43 for that matter) is all about selling the likes of the E-M1 and GX7. The reality is that the vast bulk of sales are for much lower priced models. For instance the E-PL series outsold the E-M5 by 5:1 last year in Japan.

And here is a list of the best selling mirrorless in the top 50 ILCs in Japan last week.

EOS-M, E-PM2, Nex 5r, E-PL5, GF6, Nex 3n E-P3 ,E-M1 (no.37), GF5, Nikon V1

And you might think that say the US is very different but that is actually unlikely to be the case. The average shipment price to the Americas this year is US$330 and the average shipment price to Japan was US$332.

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