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Grevture wrote:

- Third, one thing many people tend to forget when looking at sales numbers is they tend to only reflect numbers of sold cameras (camera bodies and/or camera kits). And here is another shortcoming so far of the mirrorless - they have not generated much of secondary sales of lenses and accessories, another area where DSLR shines. I have no numbers, but it seem a substantial part of the earnings of Canon and Nikon comes from selling lenses, flashes, battery grips etc.

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I actually there is pretty good data on lens shipments (also from CIPA) which basically supports what you say.

FF lens sales are up 18% in the first 9 months at 179bn yen. Smaller than full frame lens sales APS-c, DX, and mirrorless shipments are down 2% at 194bn yen. That makes a combined lens market of 370bn yen which is 5 times the size of the 72bn yen mirrorless digital camera market.

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