Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Good and bad.

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

There's plenty of reason to think that Olympus , Panasonic and Fuji have done well in mirrorless in 2013 because they have been bringing out new well received and designed mirrorless cameras and lenses, Sony have been reorganising and the others have been licking their mirrorless wounds...

I am going to wait another year before I am comfortable with any trends here, but in Japan and Asia mirrorless is doing significantly well.  I was surprised to see that Micro Four Thirds is the 2nd best selling mount in Japan surpassing the Nikon DSLR mount.

People wonder why Pan/Oly are not marketing in the US, but clearly mirrorless is not ready to catch on here and is doing poorly.   IF it does start to catch on, then the predictions will come true.  I said "IF".

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