Does everybody's NEX underexpose?

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Re: Does everybody's NEX underexpose?

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Hi all, I'm just wondering if its something i'm doing or if it is a common problem. I have a 5n and have recently going through the exif data on most of my pics to look at my most common focal length and noticed that I almost always have the camera set to +0.7ev. I usually shoot in A mode and P mode and have the histogram up and correct with exposure comp to get a good curve. Is something wrong with my settings or is this just the was the firmware is designed?



My NEX-5R underexposes by between 0.7 and 1.2 EV. I also always have mine set to +0.7 EV. Skies are always perfectly exposed but the details often vanish into shadow

I tend to use mine in JPEG mode with the 'DRO off' setting

You realize this is the point of DRO to recover shadows? I would set DRO to automatic, especially for JPEG shooting (it might even make a different to the RAW, but don't recall off hand).


This person makes a pretty good argument that DRO actually does affect the RAW file by underexposing certain shots to allow the software to accomplish what it needs to do.

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