DSLR future prediction by EOSHD from Andrew Reid

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Re: DSLR future prediction by EOSHD from Andrew Reid

Promit wrote:

stan_pustylnik wrote:

For people who are stuck with large lenses they own already - DSLR is their future. However for people who start fresh - mirror-less is very appealing, because of compact size/weight in combination with good IQ.

The big advantage of mirrorless isn't weight/size. That's become a surrogate advantage because it's much easier as a selling point, especially on the smaller chip m4/3 cameras. The point many are trying to make is that mirrorless cameras are technically superior -- in the long term, not right now. It always seem to catch DSLR people off guard that many of us would buy mirrorless EVEN IF size and price were no object.

What tech can go on mirrorless cams that can't go onto DSLRs? Mirrorless cams are only just beginning to catch up in AF, for starters. They have the same sensorrs. Mirrorless lenses will never surpass DSLRs as they are limited by size. Etc. etc. Mirrorless big advantage is weight/size, period- which comes with the disadvantage of smaller lens selection and generally worse performance, be it battery life, AF, whatever.

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