Mirrorless shipments surge....

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we'll see

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

There's plenty of reason to think that Olympus , Panasonic and Fuji have done well in mirrorless in 2013 because they have been bringing out new well received and designed mirrorless cameras and lenses, Sony have been reorganising and the others have been licking their mirrorless wounds...

We don't have to rely on unverifiable concepts like "well-received and designed" -- what does that even mean? -- we have real numbers. They aren't very good, so far.

So far this year, I've given very positive reviews to three Olympus Pen cameras for a very major camera publisher -- I think all three are quite good -- but that's a completely different question from whether they are selling well or badly, faster or slower. One is photography, the other is business. They are not the same thing.

We'll get real results next February and next May. All the major camera companies will be reporting roughly similar ILC sales trends (though profits will differ substantially).

They all have received one huge gift, which will soften the blow, and that is the yen's decline.

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