DSLR future prediction by EOSHD from Andrew Reid

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Re: DSLR future prediction by EOSHD from Andrew Reid

Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder what the actual ratio of consumer/enthusiast buyers would be in the digital camera market. I would suspect it is quite high, with enthusiasts making up an ever smaller number in the generally dwindling ranks. Even pros are finding it more and more difficult to make a buck. All thanks in part to social media and the smartphone which have taken the place of the previously ubiquitous Instamatics, Polaroids and snapshot cameras. The other factor is a complete apathy to photography in general. The people have come to expect more. The video era is upon us. Thank you YouTube.

Adapt or get left behind. If your camera sucks at video, your camera sucks, period. We enthusiasts are preoccupied with mindless minutia in IQ and DOF comparisons while the rest of the world is passing on by. Basically, we're whistling past the graveyard.

As an example, I'll share this experience, which is typical anymore.

I quite often share my photos on Facebook as no one has the time nor inclination to check out my Flickr Photostream let alone a photo album of prints. I endeavor to take great looking shots with a good camera and I have been praised on many occasions with accolades for not just subject matter but, image quality. If I must say so, my photo collection on the social media site is quite impressive over the years but, I generally get less than 10-15 likes per posting, much less quite often. On the other hand, my 20 year old friends that post smartphone pics of each others dogs dressed in skirts or drunken buddies passed out in the bathroom get 100's of "likes".

The article is absolutely right in that more people care less about nice clean shots than we like to think. The whole point of photography is sharing and if you are pursuing a pastime that nobody cares about anymore, is that a waste of time? Sort of like stamp collecting.

I for one will be taking more video. Whenever I take an interesting video, people come out of the woodwork to check it out and I'm beginning to enjoy the activity more myself. Quite frankly, everything's been done (to death) with still images, there are no new frontiers. My next camera will be the RX10.

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