Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: Depends on technique

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I tried EM1 in the pdn PhotoPlus Expo in the past Saturday. Yes it shoots fast in initial burst but only God knows how many of them hitting target sharp if you're tracking a BIF, a fast flying jet or a racing car.

Comes down to technique and the right lenses.

Mirrorless NEX-7, Canon 300 F/2.8L. 500 F/4.5L ro the 800 F/5.6L. Manual focus

MF on BIF and sport photos? You have great shooting skill that I only can say but not everyone can do at the same level



I shoot with FF shooters most days and we all miss and all do all right at the same time. Its how you go about it with mirrorless and FF. Technique is way above features and brands or formats.

I am sure every camera even P&S can snap some photos (not specific to you). The point is what hit rate? For the most demanding and challenging environment there are reasons why professionals and PJs are still using DSLRs these days.

Agreed I don't like EVF (I prefer EVF in Sony A7/A7r better) although it does give some useful info. When I attached 500L, 100-400L, 70-200L/2.8 IS II, ML smaller/lighter body not only becomes irrelevant but harmful in balance, handling and gripping. Having said that I do see a small FF ML such as A7/A7r is valuable to complement my FF DSLR - a) daily walk-around camera (I replaced S95 with EOS-M + 22/2.0 pancake that I really enjoy these days); b) A backup camera in trip so must still can use my EF or your FX lenses in case. I hope Canon and Nikon follow Sony's step to release their respective FF ML cameras with a native adapter to use EF or FX lenses.

Balance is not an issue with smaller mirrorless cameras and long fast tele lenses. The weight of the lens is held in the hand and the other hand simply guides the lens and pushes the button. My daily walk around lens is the 500 F/4.5L hand held. Its all about how different we are.

LOL. I now have this experience when I tried 24-70L/2.8 IS II and 70-200L/2.8 IS II on tiny EOS-M thru EF-M adapter (which is designed and built very nicely). I feel weird that I cannot operate as the way used to be by gripping the camera body (EOS-M is pretty poor in gripping) with right hand, and then rotating focus ring with left fingers when hand-holding (would not be an issue on tripod I guess). I had to move my right hand to hold partial body with heavy lens attached before I can rotate focus ring that definitely (much) slow down the operation.

Focus peaking in an EVF and the magnified view in the EVF for me is a deal breaker using MF legacy lenses. I honestly wouldn't shoot without and EVF.

I knew and experienced focus peaking that is very nice. However to me I am still unable to be comfortable with watching thru a TV-like screen rather thru pure optical glass with naked eye. However as someone suggested if you spent more time with EVF it might eventually change or "brain wash" your mind

All the best and times are looking good for all brands of cameras IMO.

Agreed. That's why I replaced 60D+Sigma 17-50/2.8 IS with an EOS-M package (partially at jaw-dropping price $399 with two M lenses and 90EX flash that can also be used as ETTL flash mater) as my wife's camera (so now she can use it as her familiar cellphone camera, touch and fire and my backup camera in trips that still can use EF lenses in case. As I said I am interest to buy a FF ML and I will wait Canon first for one year or I might pull trigger on A7R/A7 with FE 35/2.8 pancake only.


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The image couldn't care less what took it, it just exists.

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