Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: For some things, EVF is better.....

ilsiu wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

You missed the point. I can see the actual DOF in the viewfinder. OVFs on Canon and Nikin dont show the DOF any shallower than about f2.5

I don't see what's problem? As long as pinpoint AF point on specific subject such as an eye, I know I'd get the result I wanted.

If AF is accurate, then I agree with you that there's no problem that the OVF doesn't show the true DOF of fast lenses.

I cannot speak for all DSLRs.  I only speak for DSLRs I own so far including IDIII (which is in late batches w/o any AF issues in my usages) that all AF pretty accurately.

However, if you're using manual focus with a fast lens (e.g. Rokinon 85mm/1.4), then it's possible to miss focus relying solely on the OVF because the DOF at the OVF focusing screen is deeper than at the sensor -> what looks to be in focus on the OVF may actually be a little off.  I know that using that particular lens on an APS-C DSLR I have a lot of difficulty achieving critical focus without using live view.

That I agree in general.  I only own one MF lens, Canon 17mm TS-E and I have no interests to buy other MF lenses unless there is no option.  I use 10x LV to MF with 17 TS-E even hand-held without an issue and I can do pretty quickly.

Using the same lens (with adapter) on an EM5, if it looks in focus on the EVF, then I know it's in focus.

However how you're sure it actually exactly focus?  I know CDAF works great under good light on contrast subject. But from what I read it will struggle under poor light or on surfaces that lacking of enough contrast.  The hybrid focus system that combines CDAF and PDAF would be better such as the one implemented in A7. Personally I also prefer A7/A7R's EVF over Olympus E-M1's one (just personal opinion) when I played them both in the Expo.

Also from 70D review, DPR said 70D's LV PDAF thru dual-pixel is more accurate than OVF PDAF (but DPR admitted they didn't MFA lenses) and only slightly less than MF thru 10x LV.

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