Sony swoons again. Stock slumps on earnings forecast downgrade.

Started Nov 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
jkoch2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,198
Sony camera sales forecast to fall from 17m to 12m units


See schedule 15 and others.

There is no basis to suppose that sales of RX100s, SLTs, or alphas will keep the imaging boat afloat.  They share a lot of fixed costs, overhead, and R&D.  Discontinuation of the P&S business entails charges that will, for 12-24 months, cloud identification of what might remain viable.  So long as unit volumes continue to fall, and no one knows where the bottom is, it's hard to know how much production capacity to discontinue.

With so much over-capacity in the camera industry, it would be hard for Sony to find a buyer for the high end segment of its camera business.

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