Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: For some things, EVF is better.....

qianp2k wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

You missed the point. I can see the actual DOF in the viewfinder. OVFs on Canon and Nikin dont show the DOF any shallower than about f2.5

I don't see what's problem? As long as pinpoint AF point on specific subject such as an eye, I know I'd get the result I wanted.

If AF is accurate, then I agree with you that there's no problem that the OVF doesn't show the true DOF of fast lenses.

However, if you're using manual focus with a fast lens (e.g. Rokinon 85mm/1.4), then it's possible to miss focus relying solely on the OVF because the DOF at the OVF focusing screen is deeper than at the sensor -> what looks to be in focus on the OVF may actually be a little off.  I know that using that particular lens on an APS-C DSLR I have a lot of difficulty achieving critical focus without using live view.  Using the same lens (with adapter) on an EM5, if it looks in focus on the EVF, then I know it's in focus.

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