Kirk Tuck Gets A GH3

Started Nov 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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That LL link is to an old article (August).

Anyone interested in the BM should read the initial impressions article "The Agony and the Ecstasy." The title should give a hint. It's still very early in their appraisal of their new cameras, and some of the BM promised features haven't been added yet.

Anyway, the GH3 and BM cameras are not competitors, although they can certainly complement each other for those with heavy needs for video. The GH3, with its stills capabilities, AF abilities, etc., is a much more versatile camera. The BM is meant for someone with very specific video-only needs and is willing to learn all about its RAW processing, deal with its huge files, whatever. It's almost like a DP2 Merrill (in the stills world) for the advanced videographer, or advanced videographer wannabe.

Note: I have the GH3, and am considering getting a Blackmagic at some point. If they had been around this past summer when I was camera shopping, I certainly would have bought one to check it out.

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