Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: For some things, EVF is better.....

Dave Luttmann wrote:

You missed the point. I can see the actual DOF in the viewfinder. OVFs on Canon and Nikin dont show the DOF any shallower than about f2.5

I don't see what's problem? As long as pinpoint AF point on specific subject such as an eye, I know I'd get the result I wanted.

This has nothing to do with native lenses or not. The EVF shows the actual DOF.....it isnt as limited in this regard as an OVF.

As I said even your Fuji F/1.4 is only FF eq F/2.1 DOF

The next time you wish to argue with me, understand the actual topic at hand.

When you said F/1.1 or F/1.2 lenses on Fuji x-pro1, I have a curiosity. So I searched and unfound. It's your imagination (such as your long-claimed 'D800' as nobody ever saw a single D800 photo from you despite you claimed you "own" long long ago and suddenly from nowhere "sold" recently) or it's your actual hands-on experience

qianp2k wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Well, with an EVF, when I open a lens to f1.4, f1.2 or f1.1 on my Fuji X-Pro1, I can see what the real DOF is, where the OVF on the D700 or D800 doesn't change below f2.5 or so. This makes the EVF very useful for some portraiture for example.

Can you point us the native Fuji F/1.1 and F/1.2 lenses that still can AF/AE on Fuji cameras? Bear in mind that a F/1.4 lens on Fuji's 1.5x crop is only equivalent to FF F/2.1 in DOF. FF F/1.2 lenses such as 50L/1.2 and 85L/1.2 are equivalent to APS-C 33mm/F0.8 and 57mm/F0.8 lens respectively but these F/1.2 lenses are still native to FF bodies and still can AF/AE that something your Fuji simply unmatched. You don't have to view true F/1.2 DOF but you can pin-point AF points from 50L or 85L for example with 1DX and 5DIII and still AF accurately as we have seen many real samples. The photos from these FF fast primes are stunning when view on computer or on print.

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