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DT200 wrote:

Eamon Hickey wrote:

.... there's exactly zero reason to believe that Olympus is the one major exception....

Olympus and Panasonic are unique in that they are out of the DSLR business. While we need to see more data over more time, if it is true mirrorless sales were up in Sept. and DSLR sales were down, it would not be a stretch to guess that Olympus and Panasonic might be benefiting. My point is when you say "exactly zero", that is too extreme. Near zero, maybe, but when you say "exactly zero", you are starting to sound like some other people here.

Not a major thing, but I think I'm on solid ground. My statement wasn't comparing mirrorless to DSLR; it was about the entire ILC business. I was saying that every ILC maker is probably down significantly, and there's no reason to believe Olympus (or anyone else) won't be down significantly.

Even if the September surge holds, mirrorless ILC units would still finish the year down about 10-15% from last year. So unless that fall-off is all from Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, and Nikon, Olympus will feel it, too. I can't see any reason why Olympus's mirrorless business would be doing dramatically better than the rest of the mirrorless business. That's all I meant -- everybody will probably be down a significant chunk, both mirrorless and DSLR.

Obviously, they won't all be down exactly the same amount and maybe DSLRs will be down even more than mirrorless, which is what your reasoning points to. My statement didn't say otherwise.

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