DSLR future prediction by EOSHD from Andrew Reid

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Re: DSLR future prediction by EOSHD from Andrew Reid

howardroark wrote:

Technically superior in what way? They have EVFs with the same resolution as a pentaprism viewfinder? They focus as fast or faster? They have the lens and accessory support of cameras with mirrors? If you enjoy your camera then that is really wonderful. If you think you chose the technically superior technology then I'm afraid your standards are not the same as every other person on the planet. I have yet to see a technically superior camera that will take over the world.

And this is precisely what I'm talking about. You're seeing the current state of technology, which has a fair share of disadvantages compared to traditional DSLRs. You're unable to see where things are going and what problems simply won't exist given sufficient time. EVF resolution/DR? Focus speed? These are strictly temporary issues.

That aside, technical superiority is not an absolute but exists in relation to what you actually use a camera for. Like Andrew Reid I have a strong interest in video work. On that particular front, only a few DSLRs are even credible and even then they usually need to be rigged with monitors/viewfinders etc to really be usable. Or I can just grab a GH3 or A77 and immediately have everything right there. For that matter, high performance live view focusing is something I rely on heavily, as I take a lot of shots where I simply cannot place my eye against the camera (or even see a non articulated screen, actually). There's exactly one traditional DSLR that can handle that problem (70D) and it manages it by temporarily converting into a second rate mirrorless camera.

If, on the other hand, my photography involved tethered studio shooting or wildlife through 400mm megalenses, mirrorless would clearly be a far inferior solution. In that case the DSLR is technically superior. (For now.) So I don't consider technical superiority to be an absolute. DSLRs CANNOT do the type of work I do, and I CANNOT do certain types of work with my equipment. That's the result of a chosen set of tradeoffs and priorities.

People have a tendency to try and rank things on a single monotonic axis of worse to better, at a single point at time. It's extraordinarily myopic.

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