What is your HX50V "pocket" camera experience?

Started Nov 1, 2013 | Questions thread
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What is your HX50V "pocket" camera experience?

What are your thoughts about the HX50 as a "pocket" camera? Is it actually something you can keep with you, or do you find it too bulky? Do you wish you had a smaller camera than the HX50 sometimes?

I see a few threads here, but most seem a bit old. Has anyone lived with the HX50 for a few months and have some thoughts?

The long version if you feel like reading and chatting:

I've been comparing cameras for a while and I'm down to the Panasonic ZS30 or the Sony HX50V.

I was almost settled on the ZS30 because it seems more than adequate, has nice features, and my smart phone has shown me that "touch to focus" is very handy.

However, I'm now leaning toward the HX50V because of the greater zoom at nearly the same price (here in the U.S. anyway) and I can actually get my hands on it in a store. It is always nice to actually try a camera in my hands before ordering. The ZS30 seems to be poorly marketed in the U.S. I'm thinking in the long run the extra 10x zoom will give the camera more versatility and a longer lifespan.

Other questions I have:

1. Can someone show me just what the difference between 20x and 30x zoom looks like?

2. Can someone show me what 30x and 20x zoom, on these cameras, looks like compared to actual eyesight? Most shots compare it to the camera's own wide angle.

3. I see a lot of amazing 60x shots with the HX50's "Clear Image Zoom". Is this doing anything that cannot be done just as well on a computer with cropping? i.e. Does the camera have some advantage over just crop & zoom?

FYI, how I got here is:

1. I'm looking for a "pocket" camera. I have a dSLR already, but don't carry it with me all of the time.

2. Looking for good zoom because I think it will help me capture a lot more of life and the world around me.

3. Looking for something under $400 in the U.S. market.

About me: I'm not a pro, not even an amature, I just like to look at beautiful pictures of my life on my computer. I have a family, so I do chase kids with my camera. I travel when I can. Notice I did not mention "quality" anywhere. I have a DSLR for that already, and I'm convinced any of the cameras sold today in this range will deliver results that make me happy.

Sorry for being so long winded. Just answer what you feel like. I come here every few years looking for input and it is always extremely helpful. I've already read tons of reviews and searched the forum.

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