Do we really need a FF Camera?

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Re: Do we really need a FF Camera?

parallaxproblem wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

The E-mount accepts full-frame sensors and there is no real reason why a full-frame sensor E-mount camera should be bigger than an APS-C sensor Emount camera (the extra space taken-up by the sensor falls within the mount circle and no further electronics are requried)

Not really. APS-C sensor has room to spare inside the mount circle while FF sensor slightly exceeds it. See here: A7 versus NEX-7

The FF sensor still falls easily within the maxium external (and internal) dimensions of the E-mount which is what puts the constraint on the size

If one has a parallaxproblem, one could really think that FF fit's easily into E-mount.

But if one considers the inner diameter of the E-mount on the side of a completely assembled lens (including the veneering of the optical parts and electrical contacts) which is the limiting factor and not the 10 mm bigger inner diameter of the E-mount on the body,

one will see,

that there is no way for a easy lightpath to the corners of the frame of a FF sensor behind the E-mount - at the given registration distance.

IBIS might require additional space for a full-frame E-mount body over and APS-C mount one, but non-stabilised FF bodies should be able to have the same size as APS-C ones

Now, it may be possible to make FF body even smaller than NEX-7 (to around NEX-5T)... if you skip the EVF and additional heft/UI etc that NEX-6/7 got. Here's supposed another FF E-mount patent by Sony .

Unfortunately the specific camera presented in the patent is either faked or a failed design study IMHO:

That doen't mean there can't be an A5 (or whatever) FF body released in future which does follow this format and I would welcome such a product

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