Mirrorless shipments surge....

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interesting data

Abrak wrote:

Mirrorless shipments in September showed a very sharp jump to 355k units.

DSLRs, on the other hand are continuing in the same trends we have seen over the course of the year with shipments down 13% over the September last year.

It's an interesting data point, for sure. Results for October and November (and less importantly, December) will give us a fairly clear idea if it was a trend or a blip.

Note that camera shipments traditionally surge in Q4 (stocking up for Christmas -- in some Western countries up to 40% of annual consumer goods retail sales occurs in Q4). I guess I should say shipments surge in roughly Q4-1 month (i.e. September thru November). But as you pointed out, it's notable that DSLRs don't yet show that surge.

Like many people, I've believed for several years now that mirrorless ILCs will eventually overtake DSLRs and acquire the lion's share of ILC market share. (I don't know when and it won't be sudden.) So eventually there will be a surge (maybe a slow one) in mirrorless ILC production and shipments that is not matched by a surge in DSLRs. Whether that is beginning now, however, is unknown.

Tangentially, the camera companies are very lucky that this rocky year -- with point-and-shoots cratering and ILCs slipping unexpectedly -- has coincided with a fairly dramatic weakening of the yen. The significantly boosted profits from that weaker yen have been a huge help in softening the blow of unexpectedly lower sales. It's turned what could have been a real profit disaster -- the kind that might have pushed some camera divisions over the tipping point into oblivion -- into just a serious problem.

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