Ok, already..... K3 pictures... not text.

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K3's great but work with what ya got...

Certainly a huge lesson in being able to know what you have already and work to it's strengths. The Kx / Kr sensors still pack a punch and when compared to even the canon sensors, still come out on top according to a well known source.......

Like the real estate saying of location, location.......I think the photography saying would be glass, glass, glass. From my observation with the k5IIs, it s a nice camera and with definitely improved function, but there's a lot to be said for those guys that post shots from their ist D's and K10/20's with a nice limited lens or a 50-135 and i'm none the wiser. it's about knowing how to compose, lighting, lens sweetspots, atmosphere etc

I had the benefit of spending bit extra lately and absolutely confirms to me that unless I needed a function that suited a need, like sport or another specialised work, that spending money on good glass is almost always the priority. I won't be giving up the Kx in any hurry, it backs up and compliments the K5 nicely.

I've had some great shots with my copies of the 55-300 and FA28-105. Wouldn't mind betting that a nice HD WR version of the 55-300 will be a peach of a lens for the price, given the latest e-photozine tests of the Limited HD lenses............ I think your right, that only those taking landscapes, studio, portrait type stuff with top lenses is where we will see absolute improvements with the K3.

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