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YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Olympus imaging losses for last year were partially made up of stock write down on point and shoots, closing point and shoot factories (which only has to be done once, their competitors still haven't done this yet) and a stronger yen, so I would expect quite a jump in profit for Q4 and a reasonable profit for year end....

Well it didnt take long..... another quote to add to the epic 'YDDY predicts Olympus imaging division to makes profit'...

And last year's stock write down? No sh** Sherlock...but from the guy who was adamant that it was 'misleading' to think that Olympus's build up of inventory at the year end might lead to a 'stock writedown' because a build up of inventory combined with falling sales could be 'good or bad'.

Look it is pretty simple. Olympus's point and shoot business will lose money until it is closed completely. Until then expect a slow death of plant closures, cost cutting and inventory writedowns. The mirroless business will not make a profit until sales exceed at least US$500m.

The stock writedown dont cause its losses. In fact all they do is enable the company to breakeven at times when they are not made because they are selling off at a profit 'written down' inventory - as in the first 2 quarters of the current financial year.

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