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Re: Delta between mirrorless and SLRs has moved only fractionally

Abrak wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

The better metric is the "Jan.-Sep." comparison relative to last year. 'SLR' production is at 78.5% of last year whereas 'other' (includes "mirrorless") is at 77.8%. That doesn't seem very good.

Doesn't look like mirrorless is gaining to me. Shipment is slightly higher, but that may be simply inventory differences. Then look at volume: SLRs account for 10 million sales out of 12 million total (mirrorless gaining slightly).

Margin seems slightly better for mirrorless, however, and sales value has dropped to 94.5% v 82.4% for SLRs.

Jan-Sep numbers might be a better metric if you havent seen the numbers before but I suspect most people are aware than that both DSLR and mirrorless shipments are down on the year. The trend we have seen in previous months is that the fall in mirrorless shipments has basically mirrored DSLRs - with both averaging a monthly fall in units of around 15%.

What stands out in September is the divergence between the 2 - DSLR shipments were down 1% on the previous month (and 13% yoy) while mirrorless shipments were up 43% on the previous month (and 31% yoy). We havent seen numbers like this out of mirrorless this year while DSLRs are continuing the trend of recent months.

That isn't statistically significant.

You will always see spikes and dips in numbers shipped when big manufacturers are producing new cameras.  The GX7 and E-M1 would probably have both fallen in that month, and heavy production of both (or either) would spike 'mirrorless' numbers.

Longer time scales give better predictability.

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