Ok, already..... K3 pictures... not text.

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Re: Ok, already..... K3 pictures... not text.

Sorry to be yet another person replying to this thread with text only and no pictures, because my recently purchased K5IIs is still getting trialed.

Interestingly the jump from Kx to K5IIs is allegedly about 10 % improvement in IQ (?) Same size sensor, just a few more megapixels. My first purchase was new glass....50-135, so when the AF hit right, the results on even the Kx were noticably better. Compare the two bodies results together and yes I think I can see a slight improvement.

My point is that: the improvements with the K3 will be incremental, although bring new tech and user functions, but just good old glass on the front can still bring stunning results on any modern DSLR, whilst a hand held shot with average subject matter and poor atmospheric conditions wont convince me of any great improvement. The brief shots by users so far haven't convinced me of anything yet....

The K3 is alleged to be about 10-15% over the K5 series, which was 10% on the Kx, we will see what the actual test results show. Of course it's a scmick camera and I can see it's benefits, however a good photo is a good photo taken on a k10d or a K3, especially with nice glass.

Not to mention the improvements in larger blow ups will be a bonus......

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