Pondering moving from FF to m43 - two concerns and two questions

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Pondering moving from FF to m43 - two concerns and two questions

Firstly - this is not a FF vs m43 post - todays cameras are basically all fantastic, but each has its own edge...

I've moved from DX (D300s) to FF (D600) this year to get better sensor performance and changed my lens portfolio accordingly, thus temporarily satisfied my gear lust. I later also added the Nikon V1 (1" sensor) later to my setup as a secondary camera that also could easily be used by my wife.

My main photo interest is my family, documenting small kids turning to older kids. The D600 offers truly stunning IQ with my lenses (Sigma 35 f1.4, Nikon 85 f1.4, Tamron 90 f2.8 and 70-200 f4) and I'm very happy with my keepers - but I don't use it as much as I used my D300s. In fact, I now usually opt for the V1 when going somewhere...

So the gear lust awakened again with the introduction of the E-M1 - a compact system with excellent IQ that is weather-sealed, perfect for the wet climate where I live.

I've read my share of the FF vs m43 posts in this forum and I am acutely aware of the main differences between the FF and m43; size, IQ, DOF, FOV, etc. But I've never touched an Olympus before and after reading in this forum I've two concerns and two questions, which I hope someone could help me sort out:

1. 24mpx to 16 mpx leaves less headroom for cropping. I actively use cropping in my postprocessing - are there any m43 users who misses more mpx for cropping (Better initial framing and composition would solve this, but for action shots cropping is often required - at least for me...)

2. I've seen the shutter-shock mentioned in this forum, especially for the E-PL5? Any indications whether this issue is relevant for the E-M1?

3. I understand that Lightroom 5.2 has preliminary support for E-M1. Any indications on when LR will have full support (given previous record for m43 camera support)?

4. As far as I understand the 60mm is the only prime that is weather-sealed. Are there any weather-sealed primes on the road-map?

Any other input from former D600 owners are higly appreciated.


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