Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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EVF's require some period of use before rendering a verdict

Initially, any OVF user might take a dislike to EVF. But after a while, especially if you do much low-light, long-lens or other work, the EVF begins to show its superiority. Even a lowly old Panasonic G1 will take sharper shots with a long lens than a large DSLR with less than really fast shutter speeds simply because of lack of mirror slap. I found that out using a Nikon D300 and the Panasonic.  Additionally, if you require really precise manual focusing, the magnification features of EVF's cannot be matched by an OVF for critical focusing.  Light "gain" afforded by an EVF is also another important feature, which allows better composing in dark situations (sometimes, despite grain) than an OVF. The principal benefit of an OVF is a minor and increasingly diminishing aesthetic one.  Even then, an OVF in a DSLR is really an image on a frosted screen, and not a true direct-view optical viewfinder.

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