Telecentricity in Micro Four Thirds.

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Also the Olympus seems to have little to no issues unlike the Panasonic lens which has had a number o fhtreads about purple flare?

that was an issue w/ Olympus design IR/UV cut filtering in sensor assembly - letting too much close to UV spectrum through, not Panasonic fault in lens design... so put the blame where it belongs

I am not blaming anyone. It is a fact. Another fact is the 7-14 olympus lens doesnt exhibit the same flare.

I dont care for the brand bashing, I am simply stating that the smaller lenses, while being perfectly good lenses, are not necessarily the equal of their larger cousins.

The point here is that the purple flare with the Pany 7-14 has nothing whatsoever to do with the size of the lens or with any other factor generally distinguishing MFT from FT lenses. As I pointed out in a prior reply to you, it is a matter of the choice of antireflective coatings (by Panasonic) along with the choice of on-sensor UV filter (by Olympus). Note that the problem does not appear if you put the Pany 7-14 on a Pany body. It occurs only when using this Pany lens on an Oly body as a result of insufficient coordination between the two companies when it comes to on-sensor UV filtering.

I didnt disagree with you. However lens performance should be taken as a whole.

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