Telecentricity in Micro Four Thirds.

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Re: Thanks for the info ...

Steve_ wrote:

I am not blaming anyone. It is a fact. Another fact is the 7-14 olympus lens doesnt exhibit the same flare.

But the point was, if you'll remember, was the size of the lenses. A 7-14 Oly is huge compared to the Panny 7-14. I'm not sure where or why you decided I said anything regarding the optical merits. I guess just to argue.

Not at all. However you are offering comparisons with very little explanation as to why one is larger than the other. And you are right, the Olympus is a very large lens. m43rds has definately allowed smaller wides.

I dont care for the brand bashing, I am simply stating that the smaller lenses, while being perfectly good lenses, are not necessarily the equal of their larger cousins.

No one ever said they did. But at least you've admitted the size disparity that was my original point.

I dont dispute the size difference, only showing that there are reasons.

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