My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?

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Re: My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?

There can be no reasonable doubt that the photo was stolen from you.  I would assume that the government officials in charge had no idea it was stolen, so I'd ignore the advice to "sue their pants off", and instead come to an agreement with them that you're happy with.  They should, at the very least, pay you the same amount they paid whoever stole it, with an additional amount for your trouble, and to make them think about being more careful in the future.

I would also suggest dealing directly with officials higher than those who were involved with selecting the photo, the higher the better.  They will be more interested in cutting you the best deal, since they are not involved in making themselves look good and playing-down their error, if you get my drift.  In other words, those directly involved will want to not make things worse by offering you a large settlement, while those farther up the diplomatic ladder WILL want to offer you an amount that looks good in the media.

Just keep in mind that you're dealing with politics and diplomacy, and all the egos involved.  Things like this make a government, and a nation, look bad.  So, give them a chance to right the wrong, and be one of the good guys by allowing THEM to be good guys.  Being a jerk about it - which I doubt you will - can only backfire.

And if it all plays out like it should, you and your local Malaysian embassy official will have a nice photo taken, with you accepting a generous check, while shaking hands and grinning for the camera.  Great publicity for you, AND the Malaysian government.

Let us know how it all turns out.

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