Dark Results with Nikon Speedlight SB-800

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Re: Dark Results with Nikon Speedlight SB-800

NWalch wrote:

Tried out my new Speedlight SB-800 for the first time at the weekend and was disappointed with how dark the images came out. I was able to rescue the shots by increasing exposure 2-3 stops in Adobe Camera Raw (3.5 stops in the case of the image below) but that's resulted in quite a noisy image.

I was using it on my Nikon D5100 with the diffuser on and the head pointed forward. I was stood fairly close as this shot was at 34mm. Do I need to increase the flash compensation if I use the diffuser dome or is there something else wrong with my technique. Guess I also need to check the histogram rather than looking at the screen (which looked well exposed on most of the shots).

A little may be expected, sometimes one stop, but that is pretty dark.

The dome can't be any help, but it should not hurt this case.   I am guessing the flash was TTL BL mode (default).   It can do that, for a couple of reasons.

Try flash mode TTL instead of TTL BL (in such situations, not balanced with bright sunlight).

More at http://www.scantips.com/lights/flashbasics4b.html

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