Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: Glad to hear it worked out for you

Thats ok..I can take the heat..if its deserved  ..and in this case it is..I should have gave the EM1 more time than 20 minutes when I first gave it a try..and to be Honest posters like yourself and Martin.au whos experiances were so different to mine gave me the push to go back and try the camera again ..and you gave good advice rather than roast my underpants ( which I did deserve) ..so DPR at its best...sorted the chaff from the wheat ...cheers for helping out

if any OLY reps happen upon this post..please go to your Demo model of the EM1 and set it to best VF performance NOW...as you will sell more cameras that way !!

goldswo wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

Err..so I went and gave the EM1 another try today..this time a oly shooter walked me through it..everything that you guys said here for the reasons behind the VF lag were correct...after setting up the camera for fast VF performance the camera worked really nice ...I must admit I was totally wrong and this little camera is very useful now I've had a chance to try it a 2nd time

many apologies for being a prat

Don't let the over the top hate campaign get you down - at least you were prepared to come back on and admit that your original post was inaccurate!

Glad to hear the test worked out for you. It's not a bad camera at all, just not a D800 (for better or worse). I know the menus are a bit of a nightmare, but its very customisable, in some ways similar to Nikon in that regard.

I still have my eyes on a hybrid VF in the Nikon DF...

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