70D or 6D?

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Ed P Contributing Member • Posts: 638
70D or 6D?

Hi Gang,

Earlier, I asked about an upgrade path for my T1i -- basically T5i (700D) vs. 70D.  Looks like the extra features the 70D has makes it worth it over the T5i/700D.

Then I started looking at test results, and I noticed that while there's a slight bump in IQ (better DR, lower noise at higher ISOs, etc.) in the 70D over my T1i, it's nowhere near the bump (jump!) in IQ by going to the 6D.  Yeah I know, ANOTHER few hundred more... but if this is for several years (which for me it would be), then that won't stop me.  Just seems that I'm only getting some more pixels and features, and a little better quality at higher ISOs.  I don't just want shots that are "good/great" -- I want shots that people would buy (not that plan to sell any - but that's the quality I'm looking for).

I'd like to hear from others that have purchased in the past 6 months or so, and what made you pick one over the other.  Specifically the 70D vs. the 6D.

If video is not a high priority for me, and I only do "action" shots very seldom, why bother with the 70D?

I know I'll lose pop-up flash (never really liked it on the T1i anyway), and I can't use my EF-S lenses, but I only have one I care about (EF-S 55-250 IS II, which is excellent ), but what else am I not considering?

BTW, I'm in no hurry. The T1i still does a very good job for lots of shots!


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