56 a fahsan pahn!

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Re: 56 a fahsan pahn!
 just generally giving my thoughts on the risk involved in investing in lots of expensive lenses with a new line of gear. Everything looks good right now, I just hope it continues to look good, because these lenses are serious purchases for me.

So maybe you wait until you feel more secure. Also a good way to look at it may be that just buy what you are happy with as it is now. If you can be happy with the X-E2 as it is, why worry for the next camera? It has become a wide- spread habit to buy every new - or every second one - but the truth is, an X-E1 or 2 is an excellent camera in terms of resolution and sharpness, colour, operation and most of the time also DR.

Even if everything Fuji does in the next years will be flawed and questionable there will still be the X-Pro1 and X-E1 with the current lenses as a very good (in my opinion) system and I could live with it as it is. Nor perfect, but very satisfying with the results.

Most of the time nowadays photos end up on a harddisk, are uploaded and displayed on web galleries in relatively small resolution up to 2MP.

Printing, specially very large printing bigger than A3 or A2 is and has always been an exception. But I have no doubt that the X-E1 makes nice large prints.


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