Telecentricity in Micro Four Thirds.

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Re: Thanks for the info ...

Steve_ wrote:

You probably need to read Metabones Speedbooster adapter white paper. It explains why rear mounted wide-angle converter can improve sharpness.

No chance they have a very vested interest in promoting that impression, I suppose.

That white paper is pretty straight forward, BTW. Its author posts on these forums as 'Brian'. I don't like his political opinions, but his optics seem fine (as you'd expect fro someone who could design such a thing). The point about it is that a focal reducer compresses the output image, from the lens, so each feature in that image becomes half the size. That means in theory its resolution expressed as lines per millimetre will increase by the shrink factor. In practice, a little less, due to the aberrations in the reducer. Of course the resolution in terms of lines per picture height will stay the same/reduce a little.

A built in reducer can do a better job, because instead of adding its own aberrations it can be designed to make some correction to the lens in front, being designed as part of it.

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