ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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making white signs come out white

boardsy wrote: grabbing a few street shots in the dark, I set ISO at 800, set shutter speed at 1/50 (min. necessary...and f2 so under-exposed, and fired away without worrying about the LCD or ISO/brightness. least nothing wrong with this photo that a bit of color balancing couldn't fix.

"nothing wrong with this photo that a bit of color balancing couldn't fix" - except that the scene was lit with orange sodium light! But maybe that's a religious discussion for another day/night.

My only interest was in making the (presumably) white backgrounds of the little street signs come out white, which is true in version above. Come to think of it perhaps one might not think this balance of your image was any "better" than your original more yellowish print.

Anyway learning to rely on post-processing instead of tweaking ISO in the field, has given me a fresh shot of enjoyment, to poke around in the dark doing unpaid available light images.

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