DxOMark on Nikon 1 Nikkor 10-100 mm VR f4.0-5.6

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Re: DxOMark on Nikon 1 Nikkor 10-100 mm VR f4.0-5.6

retro76 wrote:

Personally I just don't think there is any value to DXO. It just never seems to match my real world experience.

Do you own the 10-100mm lens? can you post some of your unedited "real world experience" samples to illustrate how the lens sharpness, distortion and CA stack up vs the DxO findings?

Nope don't own it, but DXO ratings are pointless to me (of course your mileage may vary). I don't concern myself with graphs and charts, I take a lens and use it and if I am pleased with the results than I feel comfortable with my purchase. I never agree with their findings and don't understand that latest trend in using them as a guide, I'd much rather speak to photographers who have used a lens than bother myself with numeric figures that really can't represent how a lens captures an image: there are too many variables and conditions to take into consideration and of course the end result is purely subjective and simply cannot be measured.

Should also be noted that modern technology allows even some of the cheapest of lenses to perform as good as pro lenses of yesterday thanks to automatic CA and distortion correction and a number of other tools provided in camera or via raw.

I am more interested in aperture speed and focusing ( and I do love some creamy bokeh) Optics ? Hech it's hard to find a sour apple these days.

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