My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?

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Re: Your photo was NOT stolen and used on a Malaysian stamp wrote:

When you find the thief, tell them they are allowed to steal all seilerbirds photos.

Absolutely. I have about 2600 photos online and I don't enforce copyright on any of them. I have always said that anyone can use any of my photos for any reason and not only do you not need to pay me, you don't even need to give me credit or tell me about it.

I have shot thousands of images of the California Condor at the Grand Canyon and I give them all to the naturalists there. They are used in many situations, slide shows, signs, presentations and I never get a dime. I don't want any money. Just the fact they use them is enough of an ego boost for me. I have told dozens of other park rangers and naturalists that the images can be used for anything they want.

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My photos:

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