56 a fahsan pahn!

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hellocrowley Senior Member • Posts: 1,291
Re: New Nikon 58mm f1.4 is $1600...

Ross Kennedy wrote:

£1000 isn't too bad for what will be the flagship lens of the X-series.

I can get used 5DII + 85/1.8 combo at that price, which will take very similar photos. I assume the 56/1.2 will probably be a bit sharper wide open, but a portrait lens doesn't have to be too sharp. The 5D will open you up to a world of high sync flash photography and videography as well.

If your goal is to have a single system and AF then I guess you'll have to pay for the Fuji. I'm using the Voigtlander 58/1.4 which is cheap, compact and very nice. I'd prefer AF but will have to think very long and hard about the $800 difference.

I wish Fuji didn't listen to the marketing department and stayed with the original 1.4 spec to keep the size & price down.

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