Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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As pointed out, the OP changed his opinion.

kkardster wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

:-)...Ill start the thread with a smile..but after trying a Oly EM1 today EVFs will have to be a quantum leap better before I go that way..VF blackout was terrible as was the colours that the VF displayed..Lag is also a problem..sorry and all but I fear Ill have to lug the D800 a while longer or look at the new Df or whatever its going to be called ....

if your serious about you hobby/profession then the Mirrorless is just a toy

im not prepared to lose that connection with the subject and the EVF does just that.. other than that it was not a bad camera

I get tired of this "OVF is better than EVF" BS - each has its advantages and one or the other may be better at any given moment, depending on the current need and one's desires. If an OVF turns your crank, fine - there are others who don't mind their EVFs. But then, as you've already surmised we're just non-serious types shooting snapshots with toys, so I don't expect you to take any of us serious in our responses. If you don't like the EVF/EM1, then there are several OVF camera models from which to choose. To simply dismiss all mirrorless as "pretty crap" and "just a toy" because you don't like the EVF is a bit of an unfair generalization and blatant trolling.

The fact that you were trying the EM1 in the first place suggests that your precious DSLR for some reason is not quite meeting your needs. (How is that possible - it's a DSLR?!!!) At least you have a obvious choice - buy a DSLR with OVF and be a real photographer or buy an EVF model and be something less [in your eyes].

In the words of police squad "nothing to see hear, move on"... 

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