Recent forum activity has changed for me

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Re: Recent forum activity has changed for me

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Do you have something in your profile > bio? Remove it and see if that does not fix it. Another user was experiencing the same thing and he said that is what solved his problem.

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I have all the stuff DPReview used to recommend in there before the gear list showed up. But the information I have in there can't all be included in the gear list.

TBH I think all this self proclaimed gear list business is just a big ego trip for some people, and I'm considering removing ALL my private information from my profile, especially as now my gear list is being added to every post I make.
If anyone should find out your address (not impossible) they have a ready made shopping list of stuff to steal.
My approximate location and country of origin are pretty much all people need to know about me.

The primary original reason we posted a gear list was so that you could find people and posts about gear you were interested in or already owned and wanted to find out more about. For example, before I bought a fluid tripod head, I sought out some people that had the head I was interested in and searched some of their prior posts for any information they might have said about their experience with those heads.

In that instance, what's wrong with starting a thread with the title "Information required regarding an Acme fluid head?" or similar.

I didn't even realise that you could search for a specific item through every members equipment list. I would have thought that searching through peoples profiles for a piece of gear that they may not have even listed was tedious in the extreme.

The reason a post doesn't work is because which forum would you post it in? In the case of something like a tripod head, people with that head could be posting anywhere, and cross posting is against the rules.
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