Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

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Re: D610

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

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Shaun_Nyc wrote:

DezM wrote:

I think the D610 is an awesome camera. I haven't tried it but tried the D600, the same. The only reason I haven't yet moved to FF was that the D600 had the much commented debris issue (many samples produced a lot of debris that looked like peeling from shutter). And the D800 is a bit on the expensive side and hard to justify for me.

Re questions on use of D610, I think you could pay a visit and ask that question in the FF forum, people will be able to help.

Re Iq, it's hard to beat, and the base ISO DR and color gradation, as well as the ability to recover detail/color in shadows is state of the art. If you get one, I'm looking forward to see your NY images, as always.

Best wishes, Renato.

Exactly my thoughts Renato. Quality control on both FF models was questionable. Hopefully, Nikon has learned it's lesson and is taking it's time with the D300 successor to make sure it gets it right with minimal issues.

Only thing I can think of is Nikon doesn’t have (yet) the desired spec aps-c sensor to offer for a D400. It has to outperform the 24mp in the 7100. And who is going fab it , toshiba sony ? It doesn’t take this long to design the body.

Or maybe they're just waiting for the right moment to release. They probably have a target # of FF units to sell before releasing a Pro DX.


Another is that they're waiting for Canon to show their hand. Meanwhile, while both wait for the other...........the other (Olympus, Sony, Pentax) manufacturers will swoop right in with nicely spec'd out bodies / systems that will make people think.

I don't believe that either, I believe its hardware development. Nikon has to do more than drop the current 24mp sensor on a new expeed 4 chipset and call it a D400. Although I break your horns in private about DX being put to pasture I would be shocked if Nikon didn’t update the D300

Still weighing options.

And you probably meant: "I would be shocked if Nikon did update the D300".

I'd like Nikon to shock you too

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